Unique Gifts Ideas

Our Executive Chef, Olivier Bouzerand, has created Fait Maison‘s chocolate bonbons.  Chocolates are filled with various ganaches such as Rosé Champagne Ganache, Coffee Ganache or Hazelnut Ganache.  

There are two options:  12 bonbons for $25/box or 24 bonbons for $50/box.

Who can say no to the house-made toasted pecan caramels at $15/bag or the Fait Maison macaroons at $15/box?


Please give 48 hour notice of order before pick up.  Order online via email to faitmaisonrestaurant@icloud.com


Fait Maison assorted Macaroons - $15.00


Toasted Pecan Caramels - $15.00


24 Chocolate Bonbons - $50.00

12 Chocolate Bonbons - $25.00