Fait Maison believes we have created a nucleus, a family between the front of the house staff and the back of the house staff. It is the family that works together.  Fait Maison provides to our staff a family meal created by the chefs and cooks every day that one of our staff members are at work.  We believe this “nucleus” is a strong bond between our team and sets us apart.  We encourage our staff to get to know the other members of the staff and call everyone by their name.  We feel this is extremely important. 


We take pride in teaching our front of the house team to always be professional and courteous, but not pretentious.  We encourage professionalism in all areas of our staff.      The back of the house staff learns the French way or methods used in cooking. We change our menu seasonally as this encourages everyone learning.  

Olivier Bouzerand. - CHEF / Co-Owner


I was born in Pithiviers, France

I had the extreme privilege to start my professional career at Restaurant : La Palme D’Or, Hôtel MARTINEZ, Cannes, France which was and is still awarded of 2 Michelin Stars (best 100 restaurants in France)

After that, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience at the restaurant : Ledoyen, Paris, France which is awarded of 3 Michelin Stars (at that time the best 23 restaurants in France)

In 1997, I felt that I was ready to operate my own restaurant. and opened the Restaurant : Le Patio in the city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, on the Côte-Basque, as the Chef and Owner.  After a year the restaurant became the best restaurant in the city, according to the Michelin Guide.

In 2004, I had the opportunity to sell Le Patio.  I decided to move back to the city I had my first culinary experience, Cannes, France.  I purchased  and opened the Restaurant : Le Mesclun in Cannes as the Chef and Owner.  The restaurant was awarded the 4th best restaurant of Cannes by the Michelin Guide and in June, 2015, the New York Daily Meal recommended Le Mesclun as one of five best restaurants out of 750 in Cannes to go to when you attend the Cannes International Film Festival.


I sold the restaurant in July, 2016 and moved to Edmond, Oklahoma to start the fantastic experience as Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Fait Maison Restaurant.