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Fait Maison is a very romantic French fine dining restaurant nestled in the heart of Edmond, Oklahoma.  We designed the restaurant, Fait Maison, to make one feel they were not in Edmond, but somewhere very European.  From the walk through the patio until you reach the front door, we wanted you to feel you had somehow time-traveled to another designation.


We opened Fait Maison November 16, 2017 after an 11 1/2 month renovation to a building that once housed Mark’s Menswear.  It is the perfect setting for a French restaurant being located just across from the Edmond Historical Museum as well as Edmond’s Stephenson Park.  


There is no dress code at Fait Maison. We want you to come and enjoy your dining experience, however you feel comfortable!   Remember, you ARE in Oklahoma.  


Fait Maison is French meaning “homemade”  or “made in the house” where everything we make is made in our house.  Our sauces are created from our freshly made stocks and our breads are baked daily. We currently have three varieties of breads: the traditional French baguette, a wine bread made with raisins and walnuts and a potato bacon bread.  All signature breads at Fait Maison. 

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